Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Healing!

Today a client came to take me out for lunch to celebrate the launching of her new children's activity book - Brontosaurus Brunch - which I redesigned and republished for her.

It was obvious that she was in pain and proceeded to tell me that she had been to the doctor who had confirmed a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder, something else torn in the top of her back and something wrong with her elbow which was excruciatingly painful.

When she brought me home, she came in for a few minutes and I asked if she'd like prayer. I anointed her with oil and asked the Lord, in His compassion and grace, to heal her. I commanded her body to come under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and spoke restoration and healing in His Name to every sinew, muscle and cell in her body.

Prior to prayer, the woman had had almost no mobility in her arm. After prayer, she felt some popping in her ears and the pain in her arm began to dissipate. By the time she left, about a half hour later, she had full mobility in her arm and the pain was almost entirely gone. She left with a happy smile, full of joy and gratitude for the goodness of God and the reminder that nothing is too hard for Him!

Praise God for His mercy and grace! thank you Lord!