Friday, November 25, 2011

Not Going Blind After All!!!

A week and a half ago, I went to the eye doctor with grave concerns that I was losing vision in my right eye - and was diagnosed with macular degeneration! It was a devastating blow, particularly as a graphic designer / writer who is so dependent on my eyes for my livelihood. With memories of watching my mother-in-law go blind quite quickly after the same diagnosis, I felt as though my world had suddenly jolted to a stop. I would have no further opportunity to contribute to the world. I could become a burden to my family. Independence and driving would be a thing of the past. I would have no further opportunity to travel and see all the things I've waited a lifetime to see.

The week and a half following the diagnosis until the appointment with the specialist who would determine if it were the "wet" or "dry" variety, was an exhausting teeter-totter of faith versus fear - one day totally trusting in God to lead according to His perfect will and the next day listening to voices of doubt, despair and imaginings into the dark unknown.

Many people prayed that I would be given a new retina - that I would not indeed go blind.

Today I went to the specialist. He examined me with the latest technology available in the field - and could find absolutely no macular degeneration! Pointing to slides showing detailed cross section images of my eyes, he demonstrated the perfect health of my eyes! To top it off, he said, "You will have good vision for the rest of your life!" Now I have to ask you - what doctor ever says something like that? I felt that he was speaking the very promise of God Himself. The words were prophetic!

Anyway, I went flying out of the examination room to the waiting room to tell my friend, Jane-Anne (who had driven me) the wonderful news. "Jane-Anne - I don't have any mascular degeneration! My eye is totally healthy," I exclaimed. She jumped up, hugged me and joined me in a little happy dance right there in the waiting room.

"You've been healed!" she said. Meanwhile, two men, an aging father and a middle-aged son sat wondering what on earth was going on. "My friend has been healed!"Jane -Anne exclaimed again. "She had macular degeneration and now it's gone!"

The younger man said, "That's what my dad has."

"Do you want us to pray with you?" JA asked. "God can heal you, too!" Both men agreed and, right there in the waiting room, we prayed for the man's healing. We then began to tell them about other wonderful things we had seen Jesus do and how much He loves each of us. They were very open and receptive - just waiting for hope - and we had it to give.

It's possible that this whole exercise - the whole macular degeneration thing - could have been orchestrated by God to touch the lives of these precious men  and demonstrate His reality and love for them. Incredible! :)

Tonite, everything has changed. Instead of my life being short circuited, it has opened up with fresh opportunities to serve Jesus in whatever way He leads me. I am ashamed that I didn't trust Him more through out the ordeal. I'm so grateful that His plan for my life did not include blindness. Who knows what lies ahead?? What an adventure this life is, when walked with God of grace and mercy!